Our History of Serving Our Community and Beyond

The firm has a long, proud history of serving the community through generations of dedicated legal professionals.

In the early 1970’s, 3 local solicitors united to form the firm Madden, Young & Nasmith. James E. Madden, the senior partner, had entered Osgoode Hall after serving in the forces in WWII and began practice in 1950. James was joined by Barry Young, who had acquired the practice of Kenneth S. Ham, K.C. and by A. Peter Nasmith, who would in 1976 be appointed to the Ontario Court Family Division bench.

W.G. “Bill” Sirman had joined the practice in 1974 and continued in practice with James Madden after Peter Nasmith’s appointment and Barry Young’s departure to pursue business ventures. In 1977, Bruce E. Zeran, a Napanee native whose father had managed the Royal Bank branch in Napanee for nearly half a century, merged his practice with Madden & Sirman to form Madden, Sirman & Zeran.

L. Bruce Cowle joined the practice in 1990 and acquired Bruce Zeran’s interest on his retirement in 1992. The firm’s name changed to Madden, Sirman & Cowle, as it remains today. Bill Sirman retired in 2003 and Bruce Cowle continued the practice through his professional corporation, with the assistance of employed associate lawyers.

Our Timeline